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from by Spike The Dragon

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BOUND 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

been spitting bars hitting harder than a ground pound
I'm stalking your tumblr, you're stalking my soundcloud



on a bus full of people and I'm lonely
try to say hello, but it keeps coming out like "bone me"
and I'm trying to talk through a book like a forest thick
chorus chick, zoning, but grades, you always own me
and every sunday night I'm blowing with my homies
monday morning, we'll be studying

and I don't read Japanese but I like the way it looks on the covers of CDs
and I like the way you look by the woodstove in my dreams
and I like some of the books that you reccommended me
I got three of them
now if I could only find the time to fucking read 'em
in between rapping bout fucking horses

in between jacking the shit that's strictly for radical kids
and ripping the packaging to make hits that's spectacular
I'm dropping these albums, turning these kids into addicts
but if I can't be original
I ain't fit to be rapping

(some shit)

I could write a love letter written in blood
but a sixteen bar's worth a million



and when we first met, flirting was an instinct
I guess I dialed it back, knowing my decisions stink
and I metaphorically had you on the kitchen sink
I never fucked you though,
what would Tristan think?

I guess I didn't think fast enough to get it in
I guess I didn't think

"Boy, why you always smoking in the basement?"
"Baby why you always broken into spaceships?"
"Boy, why you always lurking with them braindead strainheads?"
"Baby, cause I'm bout that life.
Baby, why you never wanna catch a train maybe,
go back to way basics
and mack in train stations?
I ain't mean to break your heart and tear it up,
I'm just trying to get to the heart of America.
This is why I've never been caring for love,
cause there is some terrible stuff in my heart with cannibal lust
and when it comes to your feelings I'm can opener,
but that's your fault for leaving them open at all!"

(more shit)


from 1676, released January 16, 2016




Spike The Dragon Killingly, Connecticut

hey, I'm Spike. I make mostly rap music. actually it's all rap. (UPDATE: I DON'T MAKE RAP MUSIC ANYMORE)

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