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game grumps was still funny when I sampled this

shia labouf with the robots (I, ROBOT reference)
I'm so not Will Smith with the soapbox (remember all those times when Will Smith was a great actor)
but Spoon, what you know not's that I'm ticked, Dad's no atticus, had to get knowledge on my own
college on my phone
school sucks, but I gotta get the paper on my home, just to spark a bone
like ghost rider
I'm so-so fly I'm flappy bird
so shy I'm hardly heard, no lie,
but on the mic, yo, I'm a wild thing ---
spike jonze
and if you hype mines,
that don't necessarily mean I'm gonna hype yours
but I'mma listen
and if we both are on the same mission, we could kick it
I'll risk it because my whole country's crazy
I've been told that cartoons are real since a baby
now I'm smoking hazy
only sixteen talking like I've served in two wars, somebody save me
think of the children
the one you think you're done with is growing up just like me
sneaking out to parties and throwing up, just like me
you better love him
cause when he's all grown up, who you gonna bum shit from?

rolling wicked thick
and these girls call me small, but I'm rolling with the prince
so roll off my dingaling
and know my decisions stick
what I spit has your fans like "holy friggin shit
I'm on top of the roof
launching a rocket up to the moon
with your optics in the cockpit
watch this
atomic bombs in this bitch
what I spit has the toxin of the shit making my socks stick
rocksteady, my bebop clocks heavy
on detox the same day I see tom caught jerry
beatbox not very, master control program
go ham on beats, I'm not even rapping anymore...
... it just happens, get it on, gimme any score
man, I'm feeling very bored,
full of herb, depressed,
seeing atoms everywhere
bullies, nerds, I'm pressed to bring this emcee shit back
herbert west


from 1676, released January 16, 2016




Spike The Dragon Killingly, Connecticut

hey, I'm Spike. I make mostly rap music. actually it's all rap. (UPDATE: I DON'T MAKE RAP MUSIC ANYMORE)

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