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god made a chemistry set
somebody forgot to follow all the directions he set
#1: don't use it,
return to manufacturer
earth's a bad patty smashed under a bad spatula
crumble under the music, yeah, I'm a bad bachelor
any cutie who likes me in back of the cab cackling
everyone likes to think they're a god damn battle ram
I think I'm mad cattle, man

everything's looking like a cell wall lately
look in the mirror and see a single cell's all
I only smash the real small stuff
where do I stand without any grass to keep off of?
test tubes
sex lube
take me to the next groove
react with me
I gotta getchooo existentialism
guess two heads are just as good as one inside of a guillotine

I'm not a stoner
yeah, I'll burn some
but I'm not going to college for the girls, I wanna learn something
I wanna see my life split with my own eyes
I wanna see that hype shit rip through its own lies
I wanna see how many people get tricked by their own guise
like you're headed for something after
like everything's fair
like anything even matters
like a dog with a broken leg'll outrun the catcher
like you aren't an apprentice
like you're not gonna get shot in the midst of a seven-syllable sentence
like your repentance is gonna send you to heaven
like you're somehow beyond all the physical things you're renting
like you're not an obscure compilation of minerals, water and protein, cells that form society of their own, based on robotic chemical signatures, imprints, and signals, and sickness, and principals, every single co worker working to feed a filing cabinet with the storage capacity of a galaxy made of raw meat; billions and billions of neurons that send electromagnetic signals through synapses that converge and cooperate to form an alignment of electrical information capable of developing and referencing sensory readings of an outside world, stored impermanently in the mind in the form of a literal thunderstorm; a pinprick picture of sparks, held together in the frock-coats of molecules, forming the framework of a literal god to their kind, made up of atoms, made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons, photons, gravitons, passing push and pull between leptons and
that spark swords on the battlefield known to the world as darkness,
building elements made of pure energy,
powering what little there is of anything that managed to survive
keeping it alive
rolling into clusters of the corpses of dead relatives
the surfaces of which coated in the ambitious love of everything for everything else
breaking back down
back down into the darkness


from 1676, released January 16, 2016




Spike The Dragon Killingly, Connecticut

hey, I'm Spike. I make mostly rap music. actually it's all rap. (UPDATE: I DON'T MAKE RAP MUSIC ANYMORE)

booking inquiries: sendthistojustin@gmail.com

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