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run home and get your snicker-snack, cracker, it's a
just hope that you can react faster than the
two opposite halves
of dudes chopped in the back
run home and never bring your ass back or it's a

my swordplay stay steady, playing ball,
but when I work,
I don't play at all
imagine chopped up up-and-comers with the boxcutters
gotta stock numbers with these stock numbers while I meditate
plenty explications in my mind, I gotta set it straight
in Edo years, a hazy mind meant a chest agape
and I've acquired both, still a live wire readymade
adapting the established styles with additional
original revisions
cause this ring that I live in if cull of heavyweights
every time I leave th ehouse it's heaven's gates
bullets fly at libraries
bullies die cause guys looking shy carry
liquid swords don't cut it
spit sicker than whacky tobaccy addicts
while old farts and cold hearts stack in your tacky addicts
boss dogg handed some hacky sack static
let me react, Calvin, in fact I'll be back Braddock


grip bushido, clip ships for cheetos
modern times:
the shogun's decapitator's the shogun's decapitator
floaters can jack the data
and no one comes back to save the parents from the rats
their inheritance relapses
humanity collapses
all because someone put that profanity to rap sick
and raptures the kids from the catchers, the cliff sits
shift pics to wrist-slit students
spin six shooters
ripstick loops
turn six-ten haikais to suspend the high guys from high skies
view's making my eyes wise, wise guys
it's like filling out sudoku
2048'n your whole crew, who told you
fire marshall?
he been burning since lead steppers
rappers still don't have a chance in hell like red peppers
(and peace to Zephyr)


psycho sewn in
made me bite the bone and write alone and
hone in
flows that make fire out of the air your KITE was flown in
Book 2's open but look through;
wrote it in a rainstorm and look who's moaning
rap in the back of my mind and death in the front of it
samurai stay light-footed and make a run of it
tee off cocky with a freebie off boxy
shogun see off CD's just to be all rocky horror picture show
door to door the sickness go
sorta sort the business
sport the pictures
tore up as this orifice is
shogun to no one
who I happen to flow for
happiness is a dull sword and a razor sharp mind


from 1676, released January 16, 2016




Spike The Dragon Killingly, Connecticut

hey, I'm Spike. I make mostly rap music. actually it's all rap. (UPDATE: I DON'T MAKE RAP MUSIC ANYMORE)

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