tetsuo / sunday

from by Spike The Dragon

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not shameless,
it's just hot where god's brain is
pot where hot flames is
bout to sautee this
make it crispy.
thinks his lame brain's a gift,
speak verse, rehearse sixteens.
turn reverb stiff.
see "dragon" in the dictionary under "force"
hunchback cause he's fitting barely under doors
scary under scored, written rarely under warps
hitting mary the canary cause he's very fucking bored
more raw than warsaw
and under full moons, spike grip the mic four paws, bull moose
and emcees get shook loose off the collossus
mosses jostle him till he's nauseous
tha boss is back with that old 80's shit like lauren faust
gosh, he's demolishing these beats,
a lost cause
hot damnnnnnnnnnn this honkey's got BARS

rappers want cheese for their people
I just want peace from the streets to the steeple
maybe I'm evil, maybe I only dream it
maybe I'm the only one, maybe no one can see it

can you imagine

trap trappers in the keeper
rapper reaper
artificially enacted to attack the weaker
attrrack the features from pitchfork tens
now lets see which rooster gets more hens, and what the hay???
stay Freddie Benson :3
emcees when the way of jim henson
had its day and it was done
now you smell melting vinyl records laying in the sun
on a laptop, I'm a rookie
but you still can't see me like a valedict playing hookie
lookie lookie here, once they do, line and sinker
last of a long line of stinkers, spike


the flood destroyed the basement
overgrown foliage
overbloan holiness
echoes in the soul next to rollie pollie ollie
isn't god restored in the cold of the fridge I left open?
humming a beat as I draw one
that sorcery's been muddied but rekindled
and witches feet creep from under the street
signalling shapes in the trees, spindling, my work's not done here
I see the shadow escape through the A/C grate
in another world I've got a family and a fanbase
and a girl (ain't she great?) (we broke up after this)
i got a grand space
and if I can break my back before friday I can stand straight
but here I've gotta chase that shadow because I'm old enough now
I can face that battle because I'm old enough now
I can take that challenge because I know that in the center of the darkness
there's a way back out of the back of my own head
out will crawl a boy who quotes commercials when he goes to bed
and you
pull up in the drive way
come out with a backpack I see you through my eyes hazed
zip memories and suicidal tendencies


from 1676, released January 16, 2016




Spike The Dragon Killingly, Connecticut

hey, I'm Spike. I make mostly rap music. actually it's all rap. (UPDATE: I DON'T MAKE RAP MUSIC ANYMORE)

booking inquiries: sendthistojustin@gmail.com

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